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How to Set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online

How to Set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online

by James Delvin

In today article we will discuss How to Set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online.

Why Is It mandatory to Set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates Form Content

Many users ask how to set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online? It is mandatory to set up sales invoice, sales receipt and estimates form content because with help of this selections that you make here will affect when your consumer/clients pay you as well as how to properly account for any discounts that you just give to customers and deposits, received from customers. This is one of those areas that can cause negative cash flow if it is not set up properly.

How to Set Up Sales Form Content?

Before we actually look into how the set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online.First of all Let’s see why setting them is an important part of using the QuickBooks Online platform and you can understand also.

If you want set up set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online you have to follow some step because every customer want the invoice sales receipt after paying the amount by transaction to company. And Setting up these things is important because if done improperly. It can be result in negative cash flow and loss in your new started business. The discounts and offers you make for the customers are all affected by these settings:

Set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks form content:

  • First of all you have to Preferred invoice terms.
  • after that Preferred delivery method.
  • Third one is Shipping.
  • after that Custom fields.
  • Custom transaction numbers
  • Service date.
  • Discount.
  • Deposit.

As you can see, there are a total of eight fields that we can edit here to set up Sales Form Content.

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Here you will find a brief description of each feature along with how we would set this up:

  • Preferred invoice terms

Mostly Users want invoice and receipt after paying the amount so how set Up Invoices, Sales Receipts & Estimates in QuickBooks Online. This allows you to set up default invoice terms for all customers. For example, if you set it to net 30, the customer will have to pay within 30 days of the generation of the receipt. It will save the time needed to set up the invoice terms for each customer separately. However, if you want to set up special terms for a specific customer, you can allow them a separate set of terms while creating a new customer.

  • Preferred delivery method

Firstly, you select how the customers get the invoice by default. The options you will see here are print later and send later. By selecting print later, you print and mail the invoices to the customers and if you select send later, it sends the invoice by email. Just like the invoice method, you can set up different terms for some of the customers who do not prefer the general terms.

  • Shipping

This feature is available if you are shipping the products to the customers. It includes the options like Shipping dates, shipping address, and shipping duration also.

  • Custom Fields

If you have to show additional information on the forms, it can be done by adding a custom field. For example, if you want to show the order numbers on all the pages, add a field for the order.

  • Custom Transaction Numbers

If you are shifting from some other online books service to QuickBooks on that time use this feature to convert the same numbering system which is already in place to the numbering system of QuickBooks. If you are starting fresh, you have nothing to do with this option.

  • Service Date

If you want to take the date of service other than the invoice date, you can use this option. This feature adds a separate field for the transaction service date on all the forms. This is especially useful for the businesses offering consultation services.

  • Discount

In case you want to give the customers a discount on the transactions, you can enable this option. This will show the discount you have given on the invoices as well as receipt also.

  • Deposit

If you want to collect some advance deposit from the customers before starting the work after that you can enable this option because QuickBooks will automatically subtract this from the total amount and show the balance on the invoice.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any query related to this or any other topic, you can call QuickBooks Support Phone Number  ☎+1-800-796-0471.

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